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Mt. Hartman Bay, Lanse Aux Epines

Lanse Aux Epines
Property ID: AG296
Mount Hartman Bay Estate is a luxury 5 acre beachfront estate located in the premier residential area of Lanse Aux Epines. It has been recently renovated with $3 Mil+ USD invested in the property. Wit...
Price on Request

Silversands, Grand Anse

Property ID: AG298
Silversands is a resort that is designed by some of the world's most prestigious architects, engineers and specialized consultants. It will be the first major new hotel project on Grenada's world famo...
Price on Request

Non Pariel Lot H, Non Pariel

Non Pariel, St. Mark's
Property ID: AG132
This picturesque parcel of land is approximately 4,968 square feet and is a waterfront property. It is located just north of Victoria along the West Coast road with a stunning view of the ocean. There...
$ 9,166

Valley View Heights Development, Morne Jaloux

Morne Jaloux, St. George's
Property ID: AG150
Valley View Heights is a New Development in Morne Jaloux with panoramic views out to the Caribbean Sea and across the valley. The lots vary in size from 5,132 to 10,970 sq. ft., with prices ranging fr...
$ 20,182

La Digue Estate, Grenville

La Digue, Grenville
Property ID: AG258
La Digue Estate comprises 40 residential lots located on a quiet by-road in the La Digue area.
$ 21,570
Under Offer

Dover Heights, Lot # 14

Dover Heights
Property ID: AG466
Carriacou is gorgeous and is a little bit of paradise. It remains a haven of peace, calm and tranquility. This lot at Dover Heights offers the opportunity to partake in those delights along with the w...
$ 22,471

Radix Lot E7, Mt. Parnassus

Radix, Mt. Parnassus
Property ID: AG291
This lot of land is 8,569 sq ft and is formally part of Radix estate in the Parish of St. George. It sits high amongst the hills of Mount Parnassus giving wonderful views. Mount Parnassus is 20 minute...
$ 28,563
Under Offer

Dover Heights, Lot #4

Dover Heights
Property ID: AG465
Carriacou is gorgeous and is a little bit of paradise. It remains a haven of peace, calm and tranquility. This lot at Dover Heights offers the opportunity to partake in those delights along with the w...
$ 33,059

Westerhall Lot A, Westerhall

Property ID: AG166
This gently sloping lot is 16,248 square feet and has a partial ocean view. It is nestled into the hillside, surrounded by beautiful lush green mountains. Westerhall is 20 minutes from Maurice Bishop ...
$ 36,512

Chantilly Development Lot 27, Mt. Parnassus

Chantilly, St. George's
Property ID: AG200
Chantilly Development is situated in the residential area of Mount Parnassus. Nestled high above the rest, the remaining lots are at the top of a picturesque mountain ridge. The panoramic view of St. ...
$ 47,519


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