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Bathway Development Lot #15, Bathway

Property ID: AG197
Bathway Development is a scenic residential area located in the North of the island. This beautiful lot is 29,925 square feet and all utilities run to the property line. The property overlooks Levera ...
$ 168,179
Under Offer

Minorca Lot

Property ID: AG544
This property is comprised of 2 adjacent smaller lots that total 56,355.75 sq. ft.  Currently there are a lot of mature cocoa and nutmeg trees with some banana trees planted in between. The terra...
$ 168,856
Under Offer

Fort Jeudy Lot #81, Fort Jeudy

Fort Jeudy
Property ID: AG517
$ 175,189

Grand Anse, Lot G

Property ID: AG154
This beautiful slopping lot is situated high above Grand Anse and is approximately 12,132 square feet. It has a panoramic view of Grand Anse Beach and to the west you can see the lights of St. George'...
$ 181,980

Springs Lot E, Springs

Property ID: AG236
This beautiful lot sits high on a mountain ridge overlooking the Southwest coast of the island. It is approximately 35,392 square feet of sloped land, with all utilities run to the property line. The ...
$ 183,514

New Westerhall Point Lot# 77, Ft. Jeudy

New Westerhall Point, Ft. Jeudy
Property ID: AG210
Lot # 77 at New Westerhall Point, Fort Jeudy, St. George is situated in a residential, well-kept area of the island. The land has a gentle slope of 18,615 sq. ft. and like all of Fort Jeudy, it enjoys...
$ 186,150

Bacolet Lot G, Bailles Bacolet

Property ID: AG188
Located along the eastern main road, this lot was originally part of Bacolet Estate. The lot is flat and has a wide main road frontage with a river that runs along the entire right side of it. It can ...
$ 192,396
Under Offer

Golden Coast Waterfront Condos - Studio A, True Blue

True Blue
Property ID: AG525
$ 195,360

Egmont Development, Lot #119

Property ID: AG90
Located in the residential neighborhood of Egmont Development, Lot #119 is a corner lot totalling 16,655 sq. ft. of flat land. Facing South East, it enjoys ocean views overlooking Calivigny Island and...
$ 199,860

Woodlands Recycling, Woodlands

Property ID: AG263
An ideal location for a commercial venture, Woodlands Recycling is 6,000 sq. ft. of land with a structure that is 2,708 sq. ft. This lot is on the main road  and the land is flat with all ut...
$ 200,000


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