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Woodlands Recycling, Woodlands

Property ID: AG263
An ideal location for a commercial venture, Woodlands Recycling is 6,000 sq. ft. of land with a structure that is 2,708 sq. ft. This lot is on the main road  and the land is flat with all ut...
$ 200,000

Coral Close Lot #9, L'Anse Aux Epines

Coral Close, L'Anse Aux Epines, St. George's
Property ID: AG265
This lot is located in the sought after residential area of L’Anse Aux Epines. Relatively flat, rectangular shaped and measuring 17,242 sq ft, it is bordered by an access road, a designated bird-san...
$ 206,904
Under Offer

Hilltop, Lot #9, Calivigny

Hilltop, Calivigny, St. George
Property ID: AG478
Gently sloping lot, rectangular in shape, offers a panoramic view of the tranquil Egmont Harbour. Hilltop is a quiet residential neighbourhood conveniently located 15 minutes from the international ai...
$ 210,600

Lance Aux Epines Lot

Property ID: AG34
This rectangular shaped lot consists of 10,600 sq. ft. of gently sloping, waterfront land. Facing South East, it embraces a fantastic, uninterrupted view of the Caribbean Sea whilst enjoying soothing ...
$ 212,000

Bel Air Lot #2, Bel Air

Property ID: AG182
This gently sloping lot is approximately 20,300 square feet and is located in the Bel Air Development. It has a beautiful ocean view and is facing West. Utilities are easily accessible. Bel Air Planta...
$ 223,300

Egmont Development, Lot #159

Property ID: AG180
This amazing south east facing lot looks out at the Atlantic Ocean and is 18,638 square feet. Egmont development itself is a private residential community located on a peninsula along the south east c...
$ 223,656
Under Offer

Grand Anse Estate 3, Lance aux Epines

S.A Francis Drive, Lance aux Epines
Property ID: AG122
NEW REDUCED PRICE! Approximately 18,780 sq. ft. of flat land conveniently located in Grand Anse Estate, near the Lance Aux Epines main road. This residential lot faces South offering a mountain view o...
$ 225,120
Under Offer

The Villa on the Greens, La Fortune, St. Patrick

La Fortune, St. Patrick
Property ID: AG469
This house was built around 1995 and is well kept. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a long hallway that connects them all. There is a large shared space for the living and dining room area which ...
$ 240,740
Under Offer

Egmont Lot #164

Egmont. St. George's
Property ID: AG130
Lovely, gently sloping lot in the private, modern and upscale development of Egmont. Overlooking the Egmont Bay on the eastern coast, this lot provides a breathtaking view of both the harbor and the i...
$ 244,378

Tradewinds, Bathway

Property ID: AG256
Tradewinds is situated at Bathway, St. Patrick’s and looks out onto the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Built on 21,498 square feet of land, the building comprises of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living-ro...
$ 250,000


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